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Prune your way to a beautiful landscape

Bring a healthy look back to your yard and your trees with our tree trimming and tree maintenance services. You'll love the difference one trimming appointment will do for your home.

• Artistic tree shaping

• Tree hazard assessment

• Tree evaluation

• Tree trimming and pruning

• Hedge trimming

• Customized tree care programs

• Tree maintenance


Get the most out of your trees

Tree trimming is for more than aesthetic purposes - trimming back your trees is important for the safety and security of your home and family.


Cut away hazardous or harmful parts of your foliage with our tree trimming services. Emergency storm service is available in the event of cracked or broken trees.

Protect your family and your land

Military discounts available, some restrictions apply.


Learn how affordable our customizable tree care program can be with a FREE estimate with one call.

A tree being trimmed Square Worker trimming trees